Welcome to Writing Faith


The canoe

Writing Faith is a writing workshop that teaches believers and seekers to write about faith, including all the struggles, inexplicable moments, miracles, moments of doubt and anger–all the parts that make up our faith. It’s a writing workshop intended to teach you how to tell your stories, through essay, memoir and fiction.

After the course, you have a workshop full of other spiritual writers to continue your writing projects.


Many of us are familiar with the picture of the still lake, the beautiful canoe ready to launch. Some of our lakes aren’t still. Some of our canoes look like this.

During Writing Faith Workshops we write about our spiritual journeys—the times the miracles happened and the times they didn’t. We’re writers not afraid of doubt or disappointment, nor do we shy away from talking about miracles and faith. We accept all faiths, all believers regardless of creed, race, gender or sexual orientation. Texts are mostly from literary writers of faith you might find in Image magazine (see Writers We Read).

Sometimes writers are concerned about coming across as preachy, sanctimonious, or we worry about offending those whose stories didn’t turn out as well. How do we write about our experiences with God, with the divine, with fellow believers and seekers, on our different, but similar walks of faith?

Normally the course is taught in a church–and it’s often about 13 weeks long.  Sometimes I’ve conducted one day seminars.  This website has some information on that workshop. Please feel free to browse around. Listed above are tabs that lead you to descriptions of the workshops, instructor, and other information. Please feel free to contact me at the email address to the right if you have further questions.

Past workshops:

Dayton, OH  May 15-August 7, 2022 — First Baptist Church, Dayton, OH.

Dayton, OH  Jan 12-Feb 23  UDLLI–the University of Dayton’s Lifelong Learning Institute.  

Dayton OH: Jan 25 (One morning workshop)–in the Salon at Harmony Creek Church 

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